(bāo )

包 English Translation

The English meaning of (bāo ) is:

  • to cover
  • to wrap
  • to hold
  • to include
  • to take charge of
  • to contract (to or for)
  • package
  • wrapper
  • container
  • bag
  • to hold or embrace
  • bundle
  • packet
  • CL: | (), | (zhī)
  • surname Bao

Example Usage of 包

Qǐng bāng wǒ zhǎo yīxià wǒ de qiánbāo. Please find me my wallet.

Wǒmen chī miànbāo jiā huángyóu. We eat butter on bread.

Jīntiān zǎoshang, wǒ chīle miànbāo jiā huángyóu. I ate bread and butter this morning.

Decomposition of 包

Chinese words containing 包

包 Radical
HSK Level 3
包 Stroke Count 5
Variants of (bāo )
包 Stroke Order