(zuò )

座 English Translation

The English meaning of (zuò ) is:

  • seat
  • base
  • stand
  • CL: | ()
  • classifier for buildings, mountains and similar immovable objects

Example Usage of 座

Bǎ zhèxiē zuòwèi liú gěi lǎorén. Keep these seats for the elderly.

Dì yī pái de zuòwèi 5 měiyuán. The charge for a front row seats is 5 dollars.

Kàn nà zuò bèi xuě fùgài de shān. Look at that mountain which is covered with snow.

Decomposition of 座

Chinese words containing 座

座 Radical 广
HSK Level 4
座 Stroke Count 10
Variants of (zuò )
座 Stroke Order