(pāi )

拍 English Translation

The English meaning of (pāi ) is:

  • to pat
  • to clap
  • to slap
  • to swat
  • to take (a photo)
  • to shoot (a film)
  • racket (sports)
  • beat (music)

Example Usage of 拍

Zhèlǐ yǔnxǔ pāizhào ma? Are we allowed to take pictures here?

Wǒ xǐhuān pāizhào. I enjoy taking pictures.

Wǒmen qù gōngyuán pāizhàole. We've gone to the park to take photos.

Wǒ dìdì hěn xǐhuān pāi shān de zhàopiàn. My younger brother really likes to take photos of mountains.

Wǒ néng zài zhèlǐ pāizhào ma? Can I take pictures here?

Decomposition of 拍

拍 Radical
HSK Level 5
拍 Stroke Count 8
拍 Stroke Order