(liú )

流 English Translation

The English meaning of (liú ) is:

  • to flow
  • to disseminate
  • to circulate or spread
  • to move or drift
  • to degenerate
  • to banish or send into exile
  • stream of water or sth resembling one
  • class, rate or grade

Example Usage of 流

Zhè zhǒng kuǎnshì de mào zǐ xiànzài hěn liúxíng. This style of hat is now in fashion.

Zhè tiáo héshuǐ liú tuānjí. This river flows rapidly.

Tā duì dāngxià de liúxíng hěn mǐngǎn. She is sensitive to current fashions.

Decomposition of 流

Chinese words containing 流

流 Radical
流 Stroke Count 10
Variants of (liú )
流 Stroke Order