(shāo ) ( )

烧 English Translation

The English meaning of (shāo ) is:

  • to burn
  • to cook
  • to stew
  • to bake
  • to roast
  • to heat
  • to boil (tea, water etc)
  • fever
  • to run a temperature
  • (coll.) to let things go to one's head

Example Usage of 烧

Xiāofáng chē dàodá zhīqián, fángzi jiù quán shāole. The house burned to the ground before the fire truck arrived.

Decomposition of 烧

Decomposition of 燒

Chinese words containing 烧

燒 Radical
烧 Stroke Count 10
燒 Stroke Count 16
Variants of (shāo ) ( )
烧 Stroke Order
燒 Stroke Order