(qióng ) ( )

穷 English Translation

The English meaning of (qióng ) is:

  • poor
  • destitute
  • to use up
  • to exhaust
  • thoroughly
  • extremely
  • (coll.) persistently and pointlessly

Example Usage of 穷

Mǎlì bù qióng, xiāngfǎn, tā xiāngdāng fùyù. Mary is not poor. On the contrary, she is quite rich.

Decomposition of 穷

Decomposition of 窮

Chinese words containing 穷

窮 Radical
HSK Level 4
穷 Stroke Count 7
窮 Stroke Count 15
Variants of (qióng ) ( )
穷 Stroke Order
窮 Stroke Order