(zhuāng ) ( )

装 English Translation

The English meaning of (zhuāng ) is:

  • adornment
  • to adorn
  • dress
  • clothing
  • costume (of an actor in a play)
  • to play a role
  • to pretend
  • to install
  • to fix
  • to wrap (sth in a bag)
  • to load
  • to pack

Example Usage of 装

Wǒ xiǎng yào gè néng zhuāng zhèxiē wánjù de hézi. I want a box in which to keep these toys.

Tā jiǎzhuāng shì xuéshēng. She pretended to be a student.

Decomposition of 装

Decomposition of 裝

Chinese words containing 装

裝 Radical
HSK Level 5
装 Stroke Count 12
裝 Stroke Count 13
装 Stroke Order
裝 Stroke Order