(lián ) ( )

连 English Translation

The English meaning of (lián ) is:

  • to link
  • to join
  • to connect
  • continuously
  • in succession
  • including
  • (used with 也, 都 etc) even
  • company (military)
  • surname Lian

Example Usage of 连

Zhè tiáo liányīqún hěn piányí. This dress is a good bargain.

Tā hěn xiǎng yào yītiáo xīn de liányīqún. She wants a new dress badly.

Decomposition of 连

Decomposition of 連

Chinese words containing 连

連 Radical
HSK Level 4
连 Stroke Count 7
連 Stroke Count 10
Variants of (lián ) ( )
连 Stroke Order
連 Stroke Order