(líng )

零 English Translation

The English meaning of (líng ) is:

  • zero
  • nought
  • zero sign
  • fractional
  • fragmentary
  • odd (of numbers)
  • (placed between two numbers to indicate a smaller quantity followed by a larger one)
  • fraction
  • (in mathematics) remainder (after division)
  • extra
  • to wither and fall
  • to wither

Example Usage of 零

Zhè shì zhǎo líng. Here's the change.

Wēndùjì wǎngwǎng dī yú língdù. Thermometers often go below zero.

Wǒ méi rènhé língqián. I don't have any change.

Decomposition of 零

Chinese words containing 零

零 Radical
HSK Level 1
零 Stroke Count 13
Variants of (líng )
零 Stroke Order